About us

Welcome to Lincraft Design, where tradition dances hand in hand with creativity! I'm Lindsay, a proud Irish artist from the lively city of Dublin. With a background steeped in traditional painting and sculpting, my artistic journey with Lincraft Design began back in 2021, and it's been a whirlwind of creative exploration ever since.

Art has always been my North Star. It draws from the wellspring of contemporary expression and a deep-seated love for vivid hues. Each piece is a marriage of these influences, weaving tradition with a modern touch, a signature blend that's uniquely mine.

At the heart of Lincraft Design is my muse, Squire, a regal feline with a personality as grand as his stature. He's more than a pet; he's a royal presence, infusing my creations with playfulness and charm. You'll notice touches of his captivating personality and charming quirks, bringing an extra dimension to my work.

From exquisite Irish handmade jewelry that adorns you with elegance to artwork that speaks to your soul, each creation is a labor of pure love. I invest not only hands but heart and soul, letting each piece carry the essence of my journey and the joy of creation.

Thank you for being here at Lincraft Design, taking a moment to know the artist behind the canvas. I invite you to wander through my shop, where vibrant colors, modern influences, and the spirit of my feline confidant converge. Your support means the world, and I hope you discover something that resonates, celebrating art and your playful spirit. Step into the world of Irish handmade jewelry, where the magic of artisan craftsmanship awaits, inviting you to revel in the essence of timeless beauty.
Lindsay O'Donnell holding cat Squire