Collection: Hand-sculpted diorama | Irish Artist

Hand-sculpted dioramas, each piece is created from high-quality clay, expertly shaped to sculpted. With a keen eye for detail, Lindsay hand-paints and finishes every creation, ensuring a lifelike representation. To add a personal touch, Lindsay signs each painting herself.

Embracing a modern and contemporary design aesthetic, our pieces are a testament to Lindsay's artistic vision. With over two decades of experience as a classically trained painter, sculptor, and visual effects artist, Lindsay brings a wealth of expertise to each creation. When you acquire one of her pieces, you're not just receiving a piece of art; you're welcoming a piece of artistry into your life.

Elevate your style with a bespoke piece of art from Lindsay O'Donnell. Discover the perfect fusion of craftsmanship, quality, and individuality, proudly made in Ireland.

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